Biol Prize 2021 Regulation

Biol Prize 2021 Regulation


CIBI srl and the BIOLITALIA Association promote Biol Prize 2021, a competitive exhibition reserved for the organic extra virgin olive oil and assigned each year on the basis of the opinion expressed by an international panel of experts.

Art. 1 Participants

Individual producers, producers of olive oil and packers of extra virgin olive oil that use and practice the organic farming methods according to the standards of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and / or national, community and international law.

Art.2 Olive oils admitted to the competition

The olive oil admitted to the competition are only extra virgin olive oil from organic farming, appropriately controlled and certified according to IFOAM standards and national, EU and international regulations in force. The olive oil must be compliant with the COI regulations on the classification of olive oils and come from a homogeneous batch of oil of at least 500 liters, obtained in the recent olive oil production campaign 2020-2021.

Art. 3 Registration and sample delivery time

To register for the competition:

  • sign-up to this​ ​application form​;
  • insert the sample or samples in the specific section of the reserved area. You could enter by the link received after the registration;
  • send an email at with the complete report about the chemical analysis of the samples, selected for the competition, released by accredited laboratories;
  • – in addition, certificate of conformity released by the Control Body and a copy of payment for the attendance in the Prize and the tax data to which the receipt is to be addressed;
  • the samples must be sent to PREMIO BIOL c / o CIBI SRL VIA OTTAVIO SERENA, 37 – 70126- BARI– according to the procedures indicated in point 4 of the regulation attached within the 28th of February 2021.

Art. 3.1 Participation costs and payment methods
€ 100.00, for the first sample presented, € 50.00 for each sample presented in addition to the first on.

The data for the bank transfer:

Beneficiary: Biolitalia – Poste Italiane;
Iban: IT 29W 07601 04000 00000 7691303;
Reason: Versamento quota associativa Biolitalia – Premio Biol 2021 + Company Name

The participation fee allows:

  • the participation in Biol Novello 2020, a reserved exhibition for organic extra virgin olive oils, produced until the 15th of November of each year, whose jury will meet * on December 2020 in the province of Bari;
  • the participation in Biol 2021, whose jury will meet * from 17th to 20th of March 2021 in the province of Bari;
  • it’ll be part of the Association for one year and reap the advantages and benefits like a member of Biolitalia;
  • after sending of email request at, you will receive the sensorial profile of the sample; – the inclusion of the sample in the Biol 2021 guide, if deserving of a medal.

* If the provisions relating to the health emergency forbid the jury meeting in the presence, the Biol will activate all the procedures (the preparation and anonymization of the samples, the sending to the jurors’ domicile, the preparation of the online session tasting on the proper platform) to carry out the event, like the last edition in March 2020.

Art. 4 Presentation and sending of samples

The competitor must send 4 bottles with a capacity of 500/750 ml or n. 6 bottles with a capacity of 250 ml, regularly labeled and suitable for salling, at the address below:


NB Two samples of the same olive oil batch, used for the competition, must remain to the producer until the announcement of the results.
Once the samples arrive at the competition venue, they are made appropriately anonymous, identifiable only by the word BIOL with an identification code. The samples received will be stored in conditions that guarantee their quality until the moment of sensory analysis.

The organization of the BIOL award reserves the right to sample the product directly at the company or at the points of sale to verify the reliability of the company and the non-fraudulent use of the BIOL brand.

Art. 5 Phases of the competition

5.1 Selection phase and awarding of medals

At this step, the samples are subjected either to an assessment of the chemical profile (the analysis report may represent an element of exclusion of the premium if non-compliance is detected) and to the sensory profile by a panel of expert EVO tasters organized by CIBI. and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Italian Republic with the use of the BIOL ​BIOL sensory analysis format.The sum of the qualitative assessments helps to determine the final score, in a scale range from 0 to 100.

The panel will assign the medals to the participating oils, deemed worthy of recognition, according to the following evaluation parameters:



All olive oils with scores included between 65 and 69.99 / 100 will receive a “Biol Quality Certificate”

5.2 Final phase

All olive oils that have received a score of at least 75/100 from the pre-selection panel, have access to the final selection in which they will be tasted again by the international jury composed of at least 20 tasters, chosen by the organization BIOL prize, from different countries.
The Jury will meet in the month of March in the place chosen by the Organizing Committee and appropriately equipped so as to guarantee confidentiality and autonomy of judgment on the part of each individual taster. The place and venue of the tasting will be made public on the BIOL website

The international jury then decrees the winner of the BIOL 2021 and awards the following awards: Top Ten, Biolpack, Biolkids and Biolterritori.
It should be noted that the score assigned by the preselection panel does not constitute any restriction for the international jury and the final scoring of the score. The final results assigned by the international jury may therefore differ from those attributed to the pre-selection.

Based on the score assigned by the international jury, a list will be drawn up by the group leader with the indication of the first 3 most deserving champions. The judging of the jury is final and unappealable. Within 48 hours from the conclusion of the jury’s work and all the checks on the regularity of the activities carried out, ​the TOP TEN will be announced, that is, besides the winner, the next 9 champions with the highest score.

Art. 6 To whom the prize is awarded

The Biol prize is assigned to the EVO oil, in compliance with this regulation, which has obtained the best score awarded by the BIOL juries. In addition to the prize winner, the second and third place will be awarded on the same basis. The companies that hold the awarded oils, ​only for the lot corresponding to the sample awarded by the BIOL jury​, can cite the recognition obtained in relation to the correct information to the consumer.

The awarding of prizes will be communicated to the press and other media. Even the winners of the Gold Medal and ExtraGold mentions can put a collar on the bottles with oil belonging to the winning lot, asking the secretary of the prize.

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