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The BIOL Prize – For the best extra virgin olive oil from organic farming – was established by C.I.BI. – Italian Consortium for Organic Sector –  in 1996 and is awarded annually on the basis of the judgment of an international panel. The best olive oils selected as winners of extragold medals are published in a guide available on the official website of the event which contains the sensory profile of each sample analyzed.

The Organizing Committee of BIOL Prize consists of the President or his delegate, the Responsible of samples and the coordinator of the International Jury. The Organizing Committee is supported by a Promoting Committee made up of representatives of the organizations that promote and support the event. The list is published annually on the official website of the event.

BIOL Prize promotes since 2014 BIOLNOVELLO, event reserved for extra virgin organic olive oil of the new season, or, in the countries of the Mediterranean produced before November 15 of each year. BIOLNOVELLO was created with the specific purpose of allowing producers a timely promotion of the olive oil to market as well as provide an effective indication to families; participation in BIOLNOVELLO allows monitoring of the quality of samples and an evaluation of the quality of the product in order to correct and improve the process of production and storage of samples prior to participation in the BIOL Prize.



The prize is open to individual producers, olive-growing co-operatives and oil packers who practise organic farming methods according to the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) standards and/or national, EU and international rules in force.

Eligible Olive Oils

The extravirgin olive oils admitted to the competition are only from organic farming properly tested and certified in accordance with the IFOAM standards and national, European and international standards. Olive Oils must comply with IOC legislation concerning the classification of olive oils, and come from a homogeneous lot of at least 500 liters of oil, obtained in the most recent olive oil campaign.

How to apply, delivery and cost of participation

Candidates of BIOL must fill in the application form in all its parts and the attached product description form, by web and send samples before February 28 2018 in accordance with BIOL procedures.

The BIOL regulation sets the minimum required limit of 500 liters for the total production.

For participation in BIOL 2018 a contribution of 80.00 euros is required for the first sample presented. If the company decides to submit more than one different sample variety, it will have to pay an additional contribution of 50.00 euro per sample. Participation contribution includes the sensory profile and eventually the presence in the Guide to best Organic Extravirgin Olive Oils in the world. Company also will receive the chemical tests certified by the CHEMISERVICE laboratory in Monopoli (Bari), that gained its SINAL (now ACCREDIA) accreditation in 1999 as laboratory operating in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025. The contribution must be paid by bank transfer to:

C.I.Bi. Srl

IBAN: IT74F0501804000000011001906

Banca Popolare Etica  – Agenzia Bari


(Causal Company Name + BIOL2018)

Sudmission of samples


Candidates must send no. 6 bottles of 250, 500 or 750 ml to BIOL Secretariat (C.I.Bi.-Premio Biol, Via O. Serena 37 – 70126 Bari – Italy). Each sample has to be bottled and labelled according with the law. A sample of the same lot should remain in its possession until the announcement of the results. Participant will include in the box 2 labels . Once received at BIOL, samples are made appropriately anonymous and identifiable and followed by an identification code. Samples will be stored under conditions that ensure their quality until the time of their evaluation.

The organization of the BIOL Prize, reserves the right to directly sample the product at the company or at points of sale in order to verify the reliability of the company and no fraudulent use of the BIOL logo.

Prizes procedures


All samples are evaluated by a pre-selection panel organized by C.I.BI. made up of at least 12 experts through the sensory analysis sheet of BIOL. The sum of the qualitative evaluation helps to determine the final score, on a scale ranging from 0 to 100. All olive oils have received from the preselection Panel a score equal to or higher than 75 go to the final selection.

The score assigned by the preselection does not represent a constraint for the international Jury who will taste samples again to assign the BIOL definitive score. The final results awarded by the International Jury may, therefore, differ from those assigned from territorial selections.

All samples that will receive a score equal or higher than 75/100 and will be included into the Guide to the Best Olive Oils in the world . The results of chemical analysis will not be made public and the list of Extragold will be published online only and exclusively as a result of the outcome of the analysis.

The finalist olive oils will be judged by an international jury composed of at least 20 expert tasters, selected by the Organizing Committee of BIOL, coming  from different countries.

The jury will meet on March at the place chosen by the Organizing Committee and properly equipped to ensure confidentiality and independent judgment by each taster. Place and home of tasting will be made public on the website of BIOL.

Based on the score assigned by the international jury the Panel Chief will have to write up a list with the indication of the top 3 winners. Within 48 hours of the conclusion of the jury and explicated all the checks on the legality of its activities will be announced the three samples with the highest scores.

ExtraGold Medal will be included in the Guide to the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the world . The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.



The three winners  companies will be entitled to mention this recognition in accordance with the correct information to the consumer. Mention may be made only on the packaging of the lot corresponding to the winning sample and other lots of the same quality tasted by Biol jury. The complete liste of winners will be published on the web site.

The juries  BIOL will also award medals to participants oils considered of high quality accordance with the following valuation parameters:




On the occasion of BIOL Prize will also be awarded the following prizes.

-Territorial Prizes

The olive oils selected for each area by their pre-selection panel or, if absent, by the International Jury who will be winners of BIOL * (name and territory). * For these it will possible to declare also a second and third.

-BIOLPACK Prize for the Best  Packaging

For the evaluation of the olive oils will be appointed by the Organizing Secretariat Biol a special jury that will evaluate the characteristics of each sample by examining regulatory compliance, clarity and completeness of the information on the label, the design of the housing and of the bottle and all aspects of innovation to the consumer. The judgement of Biolpack jury will be final and irrevocable.

-Biolkids Prize – Prizes awarded by a jury of children  

It‘s the prize awarded by a jury of children between 7 and 10 years; after a few training sessions they will join for a day the official jury, awarding the olive oil more tasty for young palates .

The proclamation  ceremony will be held during a special event on organic farming that will take place within the year of the competition.

Regulations Approved and undersigned by Gaetano Paparella – President of the Organizing Committee