Medagliati BIOLMIEL 2017

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Medagliati BIOLMIEL 2017

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Gold and Silver Medal 2017

13 – 02 – 2018

For the 2017 edition of the international prize BIOLMIEL the High Quality Medals were assigned by the international jury as follows…

BIOLMIEL 2017 awards

15 – 12 – 2017

BIOLMIEL 2017 edition, that took place in Bologna at CREA premises on the 24th of November, saw the participation of around 200 different honey samples coming from Greece, Italy, Spain and Slovenia…

Participate in Biolmiel 2017

16 – 10 – 2017
BIOLMIEL 2017_premio

Can take part in BIOLMIEL all organic honeys, certified according to European, foreign or international standards….

The Project

Starting from the BIOL experience, CIBi – Italian Consortium for Organic, in cooperation with CRA-Api – Honey Bee and Silkworm Unit of Bologna, a research unit internationally known in bee’s studies, renew every year a winning partnership that in 2008 launched BIOLMIEL, an innovative initiative in the organic beekeeping sector that is meant to became, as BIOL, a point of referral not only for organic quality honey at international level, but also a testimonial of the vast biodiversity, both natural and bred, that is the expression of the patient and endless work of bees.

How to participate

Possono prendere parte a BIOLMIEL tutti i mieli biologigici, certificati secondo standards europei, esteri, o internazionali. Gli apicoltori che intendono partecipare al concorso dovranno inviare per ogni campione in concorso una campionatura di 3 confezioni da minimo 250 gr ciascuna, in idonei vasi di vetro: di queste 1 confezione senza etichetta e 2 con etichetta e sigillo come da vendita.