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BIOL guide 2016

The 2016 BIOL guide promotes and describes the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world produced in 2015-2016, selected through the hard work of collecting oils which come from different geographical areas of the world (400 samples), of analysing and making territorial selections (10 panels with more than 100 expert tasters) and evaluating the quality according to the highest standards at international level.

All olive oils that take part in BIOL Prize are submitted to a rigorous chemical and organoleptic evaluation. Expert tasters, from different areas of the world, evaluated by means of a tasting panel the different olive oils on the basis of a sheet, elaborated by Alfredo Marasciulo, which highlights the presence and the intensity of the different flavours.

The sheet reflects law requirements and it allows readers to consider all the qualitative aspects of an extra virgin olive oil giving a score to each parameter; the latter end of the sheet defines the overall linking of the sample, the harmony and the persistence of the olfactive and gustative sensations felt. The sum of the qualitative evaluations deter- mines the final score of BIOL (BIOL index), with values in the range of 0 to 100.

The samples that have reached by the preselection tasting jury a score between 70/100 and 74,99/100, with faultless chemical results, carried out by the laboratory ChemiService, received the Gold Medal. The International jury has also awarded the prizes Extragold Medal, awards of excellence attributed to all the olive oils a score equal or higher than 75/100. All the olive oils that have received a BIOL score between 65/100 and 69,99/100 received the Silver Medal and they are therefore characterized by a more than satisfactory quality. The Guide includes only the Extragold Medal.

BIOL, considering the evaluations expressed by the different juries, has simplified and represented in this guide, through very clear graphics, the gustative and olfactive char- acteristics of the olive oil and in particular fruity, bitterness and pungency, the three aspects that represent the pleasant qualities typical of each organic extra virgin olive oil. “Fruity” because extravirgin is an olive juice and it should have the typical aroma of its fruit. “Bitterness” because this is a typical flavour of the oil obtained from green or almost matured olives. “Pungency”, pungent tactile sensation, because it represents a characteristic of young and fresh oils.

All the extra virgin olive oils that you find in this guide are of highly quality from which to choose on the basis of his own pleasure and curiosity to know the enormous biodiversity that comes from different areas and from the many varieties of olives grown organically.

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