(Italiano) Al Must di Lecce arriva il gran finale con BiolKids e vincitori

Written March 21st, 2016
(Italiano) Al Must di Lecce arriva il gran finale con BiolKids e vincitori

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The list of Biolpack Jury

Written March 17th, 2016
The list of Biolpack Jury

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Biol International Prize. The winner is the Spanish Finca La Torre

Written March 20th, 2015
Biol International Prize. The winner is the Spanish Finca La Torre

Great year for the Spanish organic olive oil, which places two Iberian extravirgin olive oils the first two places of the twentieth Biol International Prize, the international event reserved for the best bio oils, which awards in Puglia the most important prizes. The winner is the “Finca la Torre” of Malaga, the absolute best result of 2015 between 300 olive oils even the bad olive oil year, from 14 countries. The second winner is  ”Oro del Desierto “produced in Almeria. Third place for Lazio-Italy “Quattrociocchi“, produced by company of Frosinone, therefore best Italian olive oil. Great satisfaction for Puglia, who won two of the main prizes: the Biolpack (best coupled-packaging label awarded by a jury of experts in specific communication and consumption) to Salento “Forestaforte”, and the BiolKids, awarded by the jury of children, to “Piantatella” of the company of Statte.

Among the territorial awards BiolPuglia went to the olive oil Eccelso produced by the company Agrolio of Andria. The complete list of all territorial mentions will soon be online at The announcement of the winners took place today at Fortino S. Antonio di Bari, with the intervention among others the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari Alessandro Ambrosi, Councillor for the Environment of the City of Bari Pietro Petruzzelli and councillor for Productive Activities Benedetto Miscioscia.

” The international jury – said the coordinator of Biol Nino Paparella – noted that despite oil fly and climate problems that have brought down the production everywhere but especially in Italy , at the end a perfect knowledge of cultivation techniques can make up for everything. Leading eventually to the highest quality products , which cut across different countries and actually break down the boundaries of excellence. This year the best high-quality  has been touched by the Spanish , as in the past by the Italians , or the Greeks and so on. The winners and about 150 olive oils are worthy of the mentions ExtraGold Medals, Gold and Silver. The full list will be published in the traditional catalogue of Biol , then presented in the main international fairs.

Il podio del Biol 2015 WEB

The 2015 Biolpack Jury

Written March 9th, 2015
The 2015 Biolpack Jury

The BIOLPACK is the award for the best packaging presented at the BIOL, as to say to the product with the best design and the most detailed label; in particular, the BIOLPACK wants to reward the ability to express the very values of organic agriculture, correctly and coherently with the laws in force.

The judges, in fact, considered only those packaging which presented a label correct both on the normative point of view and on the point of view of the information to consumers; among these, they finally choose those to receive the award for the best design and for the most effective capacity to communicate the “organic” and the product quality.

Here below the list of the International BiolPack Jury 2015:









All Italian podium at the Biol Prize : the winner is “Monte della Torre” from Campania region

Written March 21st, 2014
All Italian podium at the Biol Prize : the winner is  “Monte della Torre” from Campania region

The event which saw Andria epicenter of the international organic olive growing finished . Second winner  ” San Martino ” from Florence, third winner  ”Tenuta Arcamone ” from Puglia;  Biolpack to the bottle produced by  ”Viola” from Umbria, BiolKids to the Portuguese “Carm “.

Podium “made ​​in Italy” for the XIX International Biol Prize . The organic extra virgin ” Monte della Torre” from Caserta (Campania), in fact, is the winner of  the international event reserved for the best organic extra virgin olive oils , which assigns the most important awards in Puglia  . The olive oil from Campania is the best of the year between 425 oils in competition – a record – came from 17 countries , surpassing ” San Martino ” of the estate of the same name in Bagno a Ripoli ( Florence) . Third place went to “Tenuta Arcamone ” produced by the olive mill De Carlo in Bitritto (Bari) , who is also the winner of  Biol Puglia and  Biol Coratina . Among the foreigners, very good result – in ninth place – for Spanish “Finca La Torre Selection” of Malaga.
To win the Biolpack (best packaging assigned to a specific panel of experts in communication and consumption) to the bottle “Viola” produced by the farm of Sant’Eraclio Foligno (Perugia) . BiolKids Prize, awarded by the jury of the children, to the Portuguese ” Great Escolana Carm .” The full list of all the territorial winner and Extragold, Gold and Silver mentions will be online soon on .
The proclamation ceremony took place today in Castel del Monte, with the intervention of Fabrizio Nardoni , Councillor for Agriculture Policies of Apulia Region ,  the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari Alessandro Ambrosi, the mayor of Andria Nicola Giorgino with the Councillor for Economic Development Benedetto Miscioscia , the director of the Gal “Le Città di Castel del Monte”, Paolo De Leonardis, in a spectacular setting – with aerial shots filmed from the ” Bioldrone ” – made ​​up of the 600 children of BiolKids : project with training workshops and olive oil tastings which has involved 26 classes of primary schools of the six Apulian provinces and this year seven classes Calabria, Sardinia and Liguria , forming a panel that in the morning has  joined the international judges to assign the best prize for young palates .

“The international jury – said the coordinator of Biol Nino Paparella – noted how, although the overall quality is improved , has been an excellent year for the Italian olive oils . For foreign countries , in the final selection very good chance for the Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Slovenian olive oils. Approximately 150 samples will receive mentions as ExtraGold Medal, Gold and Silver medals that will be published in the traditional catalog of Biol , presented at the main international fairs as BioFach in Nuremberg and Sana in Bologna .

Nardoni said  ”Puglia is the first region in the field of organic olive oil , but suffers from the competition of countries, often with few scruples when it comes to certification and quality. You have to make the synergistic action in order to promote the organic production on the markets. And the Biol Prize  becomes subsidiary to that effect . ” In line Ambrosi : ” The Chamber of Commerce of Bari, from the beginning partner of Biol , in the face of increasing numbers of participation and the ever-increasing global competition , continues to beat the road with the promotion and support of all actions for quality and product certification . “

Biol Prize has been organized by CiBi and promoted by Regione Puglia – Area for Rural Development Policies , Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the City of Andria . The Prize ha been  sponsored by the BAT Province, IFOAM , AgroBioMediterraneo , and has been held in cooperation with Association BiolItalia , Gal – Le Città di  Castel del Monte, Puglia Natura Consortium , Lilt and Axiom Group.

(Italiano) Premio Biol, dal 19 al 21 marzo Andria torna capitale mondiale dell’olio biologico

Written March 17th, 2014
(Italiano) Premio Biol, dal 19 al 21 marzo Andria torna capitale mondiale dell’olio biologico

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The Jury BiolPack 2014

Written March 13th, 2014
The Jury BiolPack 2014

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With the Biol award ceremony, presented in Milan the World Guide of the organic olive oils

Written May 22nd, 2013
With the Biol award ceremony, presented in Milan the World Guide of the organic olive oils

During Tuttofood exhibition and the award ceremony of the international competition BIOL  held  in Puglia was presented the New Guide to the Best Organic Olive Oils in the world. The publication is unique , a sum of the international olive growing , with detailed charts on the best extra virgin organic olive oils. A valuable handbook for operators, enterprises and consumers who take care of the quality of the products.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Region Puglia – Department of Agriculture – City of Andria, IFOAM, AgriBio Mediterraneano and CiBi, the traditional annual guide BIOL , in addition to all the winners of the last edition includes an introductory chapter on how to recognize the olive oil (from acidity), followed by substantial section on the best organic extra virgin olive oils – 174 olive oils this year – presented by geographical area and individual tabs. It is possible to find the type of cultivar, the aromatic profile with the weight of the components fruity-bitter-spicy, photos and all business data. The complete picture of the tools, therefore, to choose the olive oil in accordance with taste.

All data are the result of a great job of gathering and selection of BIOL juries and of the international jury (a total of 10 panels with over 100 expert tasters)  supported by chemical analysis and organoleptic characteristics based on the most high standards recognized at international level. The Guide can be requested  to

The plates were delivered by the representative of Biol Nino Paparella, Marco Sciarrini and Teresa De Matthaeis  - Mipaaf  - Benedetto Miscioscia the Councillor of the City of Andria and Alfredo Marasciulo , coordinator of the BIOL .

On line the official list of the Biol winners

Written March 20th, 2013
On line the official list of the Biol winners

With the announcement of the Biol winners, the Biol International Prize ends its eighteenth competition.

This edition was a success for many reasons: the number and the quality of the olive oils participants, 360 from 15 countries and for the International Jury, more and more qualified and expanded to new countries; the interest aroused by the themes of the international conference, followed by a large number of operators; the importance of the BiolKids project , which this year involved the schools in all provinces of Apulia Region and also the Bavarian town of Maisach (the final day, involved more than 600 children in Castel del Monte, engaged in the Laboratories of Sustainability). And yet, for the attention that has been followed by the press, for the high-profile partners, the quality of the entire organization.

But the protagonists remain organic oils: close, thus indicating the page where you find all the winners, with the companies that have been assigned Extragold and Gold Medal and Silver Medal.

In the picture, the winner of Biol 2013: the virgin “Titone DOP Valli Trapanesi” Titone company of Trapani.

Biolpack Prizes

Written March 18th, 2013
Biolpack Prizes

Like every year, this eighteenth edition of the Biol International Prize has reserved “Biolpack” for best packaging, ie packaging of products with the best design and clear labeling.

These are the winners, and the reasons:

First Place: LA (Spain), the originality of the bottle of unusual form, correct materials and light protection – Glass Grapes – labeling, complete and correct.

Second ex aequo: VENTERRA (Puglia) and Terraliva (Sicily), for the special care and innovative packaging  , available in new sales formats and materials.

Third Place: Olave (Chile), for linearity and elegance of the bottle, presents an interplay of transparencies with an original monochromatic white color combined with a clear silver cap, complete information on the label.

The composition of the jury Biolpack: Michele Peragine (journalist – Rai), Vincenzo Rutigliano (journalist – Sole24Ore – Press Officer City of Andria), Anna Vella (director Castel del Monte – Superintendence for the architectural and landscape), Gianni Santovito (National Presidency Acu – Association of Consumers and Users), Matteo Manna (Cocer ICEA – C.I.BI.).