Biol Prize, a lot of people in Ostuni to discover the organic olive oil. Tomorrow Biokids and all the winners.

Written March 19th, 2017

WEB Il convegno su bio e Xylella

Ostuni (Brindisi) – On the one hand, the work of the international jury, who are selecting the finalists among the 350 organic oils in competition from various continents. The other, a programme rich of the events , including workshops, courses, exhibitions, tastings, tours for operators, consumers and families. The XX edition of Biol will be held in the City of Biol in the completely renovated municipal slaughterhouse open from 10 to 19, with free admission.

Here tomorrow – Monday 20 – the event organized by CiBi and promoted by the Agriculture department of the Region of Puglia, the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the City of Ostuni close its doors with the proclamation of the winners. Various awards: Biol Prize to the best olive oil; the Biolpack – awarded by a jury of specific communicators, consumers and experts – the best packaging, ie the product packaging with the best design and clearer labeling ; plus various territorial and thematic awards, such as the BiolKids, reserved for young palates of elementary schools. And the BiolKids will start at 10.00, when the jury of children will join the senior judges to assign the prize Biolkids award, the best oil for young palates.

The BiolKids, in particular, is a project successfully started in recent years that aims to educate the younger generation to recognize quality oil, organic farming and proper nutrition. This year has involved, in six regions, more than 1,800 children of fourth and fifth classes of 20 Italian primary schools: 10 in the Puglia region (4 in Bari, 3 in Brindisi, a Andria, Lecce and Foggia), the last located in Emilia Romagna, Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia and Liguria. After a training course on tasting addressed to all pupils, and workshops for parents and teachers, a selection of sixty pupils will train tomorrow.

Great interest in the new section Biolinnova on innovations in organic olive growing , in collaboration with universities and research organizations: 5 best practices present their cutting-edge projects for production techniques, product and supply chain, and environmental protection.

Finally, the many activities: the traditional exhibition of oils in competition; free courses of sensory analysis of honey (10.30), bread (11.30, organized by INAP) and organic oil (16 hours); Open bar with guided tasting of olive oil and honey; bistro with bio catering; laboratories of production of soap and natural extracts (10 and 15:30, edited by Labo Naturae) and natural prints on paper and cloth with the colors of the plants of the Coastal Dune Park (11 and 16:30, by the Gran Teatro del Click) ; Free analysis of extra virgin olive oil used at home in partnership with Itas Pantanelli; guided tours and biking through the beauties of the Coastal Dune Park (by Madera Bike).

Biol Prize is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, IFOAM and AgriBioMediterraneo. Partner: Organization of Coastal Dunes Park, Gal Alto Salento, University of Bari and Foggia, Association Dialoghi Fluidi, Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea, Itas Pantanelli of Ostuni, CHEMISERVICE, Consorzio Puglia Natura, Biolitalia, Rete Utile Buono e Bio.