Quality of organic olive oil and environmental protection: Biol heritage in symbiosis with the next sustainable agriculture European Charter “. Lavarra opens the city of oil in Ostuni

Written March 18th, 2017

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Since this morning in the municipal slaughterhouse, exhibitions, debates, workshops, meetings and tours. The international jury is examining 350 oils from 15 countries

Ostuni (Br) – “organic oil quality and environmental protection: the two main point of the precious Biol work for operators and consumers, an heritage full of knowledge accumulated over the years at international level, in symbiosis with the writing of the Charter of European agriculture sustainable which kicks off in these days. ” So the president of the Coastal Dune Park Enzo Lavarra, ex parliamentray – Agriculture Committee- inaugurated this morning in Ostuni the XXII Biol Prize, the international competition for the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world, and its oil Citadel located in the renovated municipal abattoir. To the opening ceremony it was also present the regional manager of the Councilor for Agriculture Angelica Anglani, the director of the Park Gianfranco Ciola and the director of Gal Alto Salento Carmelo Greco, unanimous in stressing the importance for the territory of an event which, with its format , enhances the organic method and its worldwide excellence.

Presented thus the international jury of 30 experts from around the world – many even components operators and stakeholders – that has begun to evaluate the 350 olive oils from 15 countries in competition. Of particular interest in the area of ​​innovations in organic olive growing, in collaboration with universities and research bodies: best practices that drive the growth of the productive techniques of product and supply chain, combined with environmental protection. Theme linked to the afternoon round table “The defense of organic olive and Xylella”, an update for manufacturers and operators about the latest news on the subject.

Much appreciated the space and the various activities of the Citadel that is attracting the industry but also consumers and families. Until Monday, the closing day of announcing the winners, the event program – organized by CiBi, and promoted by the Department of Agriculture of the Region Apulia, Bari Chamber of Commerce and the City of Ostuni – offers the traditional exhibition of oils in competition. Then free courses on sensory analysis of honey (10.30), bread (11:30, edited by INAP) and organic oil (16 hours); Open bar with guided tasting of olive oil and honey; bistro with organic food; laboratories of production of soap and natural extracts (10 and 15:30, edited by Labo Naturae) and natural prints on paper and cloth with the colors of the plants of the coastal dunes Park (11 and 16:30, by the Grand Click Theater) ; Free analysis of extra virgin brought from home in partnership with Itas Pantanelli. Finally, guided tours: walk through the old town of Ostuni (10:15 and 15:45, edited by Ats Bi-Hortus and Gaia E. Tours) or biking through the beauty of the coastal dunes Park (from Albergabici, same hours, edited by Madera Bike).

The Biol Prize is sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, IFOAM and AgriBioMediterraneo. Partner: Organization of Coastal Dunes Park, Gal Alto Salento, University of Bari and Foggia, Associazione Dialoghi Fluidi, Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea, Itas Pantanelli of Ostuni, CHEMISERVICE, Consorzio Puglia Natura, Biolitalia, Agap, Rete Utile Buono e Bio.