The olive tree, our tree of life OASI – Olive, Environment, Health and Innovation

Written April 13th, 2015

More than a story linking the olive tree to our region, the Apulian countryside, the landscape, to our people. The olive tree is our “hearth” around which entire communities gather to mark the time of life, respect for nature and the alternation of the seasons.

The olive tree, in the passing of the baton between generations, is also chest of traditions that have made values, far beyond the agricultural economy. At our “tree of life” Puglia Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari with the contribution of Unioncamere Puglia, Fiera del Levante and CI.BI. – Italian consortium for organic – devote OASI – Salon Olive Environment, Health and Innovation, which will be held at the Fiera del Levante 24 to 26 April.

The event will decline all the meanings of the olive, product symbol of our Earth. Will be promoted its many uses, from food to cosmetics, from the most innovative production processes to products made with the same plant. And then workshops, tastings in a big event that will involve everyone, producers, consumers, technicians, opinion makers, children. OASIS aims to become national and international reference for journalists, opinion makers and traders to know the olive tree, the olive oil quality and his whole big world. In the coming days the schedule of the event will be presented in a joint press conference of all promoters.