“Apicoltura Il Favo” first classified at the VI BiolMiel

Written February 14th, 2013

“Apicoltura Il Favo” first classified at the VI BiolMiel

The monofloral honey from Veneto is declared winner of the international competition at Biofach (Nurnberg). Second place went to the Rumanian “SC Proecolog”; third to the Greek beekeeper “Amorgiano”. Best polifloral, the honey from Campania of “Apicoltura Ambrosino”. The international jury evaluated more than 170 honeys from different countries, tasted at the end of January in Bologna

Is the organic monofloral honey of Veneto’s “Apicoltura Il Favo” the winner of the VI BiolMiel, the international prize for the best organic honeys, promoted by CiBi in cooperation with CRA-Api and BiolItalia. Here’s the complete overview of the winners, proclaimed at Nurnberg (Germany) during Biofach, based on January’s tasting sessions of the international jury, made up by experts coming from all over Europe:

Best Monofloral, (and absolute winners, as based on the score): “Apicoltura Il Favo”, honeydew honey, (Veneto, score 94.91); followed by “SC Proecolog”, acacia, (Romania, 94.26) and “Amorgiano”, thyme, (Greece, 94.10).

Best Polifloral: “Apicoltura Ambrosino” (Campania, 90.24), followed by “Beza Mar” (Ethiopia, 89.22) and “SC Proecolog” (Romania, 88.83).

At the end of January the components of the international jury tasted in Bologna (Italy), at CRA-Api, Honey Bee and Silkworm research unit (were is also based the Italian National Professional Association for honey tasting) more than 170 samples coming from most Italian regions and from abroad: Greece – with more than 80 different honeys – Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ethiopia. A new entry is the participation of a big honey producer from Ethiopia,  were honey and its use as food has its most ancient evidences: the Ethiopian honey, as said, reached the second place within the polifloral category.

“This year characteristic – declared the Panel Leader Gian Luigi Marcazzan, of CRA-Api – has been the high quality level of foreign honeys, that shared with the Italian ones the first positions in all categories. This a symptom of an increased producers awareness about both the importance of quality products and the techniques involved in obtaining them: in this aspect the prize is fulfilling at its best its primary objectives. Also notable, this year, is the fact that the first place went to an honeydew honey, for the first time overpassing nectar’s honey”.

As in the past, the international jury established also for the award of BiolMiel quality certificates, with Silver Medals and Gold Medals.

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