About us

C.I.BI., cooperative society with limited liability constituted in 1991 by technicians and professionals and located in Andria (BAT), has been operating for 20 years in Apulia region in the promotion, dissemination and valorisation of agricultural and food activities, with strong environmental connotations, paying particular attention to organic farming.  C.I.Bi. promoted important initiatives related to local development and regional marketing and, together with other partners, has managed important educational projects aimed at disseminating organic farming.

C.I.BI. is the promoter and owner of brands such as BIOL, the most important international event related to the environmental quality of food, BIOLMIEL international event related to organic honey, BIOLWINE brand linked to wine from organic grapes.

In September 2010 was created Biolitalia – Association of producers for organic product quality improvement  – formed mainly by organic producers, with the purpose of associating producers for product area (wine, honey, olive oil, Pasta, etc..) to identify common needs, share projects and new business opportunities.

The aim of the Biolitalia Association is to provide a range of qualified services for technological improvement and promotion of the product, using the resonance of events related to different awards such as BIOL ,BIOLWINE, BIOLMIEL.

C.I.BI. is also a member of reference for Consorzio Puglia Nature, involved in the protection and enhancement, promotion and distribution at regional, national and international level of typical Apulian products obtained from organic farming, of natural products and product oriented to the ethical development of  economy, in accordance with national and Community rules and collective and of hallmarks.


Coordination – Gaetano Paparella

Tasting and olive oil selection  – Anna Neglia

International Secretariat – Floriana Di Cintio

Secretariat – Silvia Milano

Municipality of Andria  – Benedetto Miscioscia (Councillor)

Chemical Analysis – Giorgio Cardone – Chemiservice

Panel sheet – Alfredo Marasciulo

Biolkids – Mariangela Zoga – Puglianatura e Gianni Santovito – ACU

Administration – Savino Santovito – University of Bari

Events – Vincenzo Cannone – Consorzio Puglia Natura

Communication – Luigi Triggiani

IT – Luigi Di Leo

Press office – Fabio Nardulli

Ecodesign equipment – Luca Cascella

Graphic designer  – Marina Milano

Collaborations Edition 2014 – Daniele Dell’Aera

Biol territorial net

Anunciación Carpio Dueñas SPAIN Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training – Counseling

of Agriculture and Fisheries

Kostas Dritsas GREECE Expert taster freelancer

Pablo Voitzuk USA-CALIFORNIA California Olive Oil Council Panel

Kamel Ben Ammar TUNISIA National Office of Olive Oil Tunis

Pierpaolo Arca ITALY-SARDINIA Panel leader

Pino Giordano ITALY-CALABRIA ARSAC Calabria

Paola Fioravanti ITALY-LAZIO Umao – Mediterranean Union Oil Tasters

Giuseppe Pennino ITALY-SICILY Regional Department of Agriculture and Food of Sicily Region

Patrizio Gamba ITALY-LIGURIA Liguria Organization of Taster

Marino Giorgetti ITALY-ABRUZZO Department of Agriculture of the Regione Abruzzo

Giovanni Lacertosa ITALY-BASILICATA ALSIA – Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre

Marialuisa Ambrosino ITALY-CAMPANIA CCIAA Napoli

Giampiero Cresti ITALY-TUSCANY Association of Tuscan olive growers