BiolFish – Presentazione

Written ottobre 1st, 2012

The third edition of BiolFish, an international event focused on organic and sustainable fisheries, was held from 1 to 5 June 2011 in Monopoli, coastal town located in the south of Bari . Five days dedicated to the production, market and community, moving between food, culture, conferences and awards, in connection with Biol Prize – the festival of the world organic olive growing  – in the name of the territory and its typical productions.

Born in 2008 thanks to a Community Initiative Programme “Interreg”, the project aims to improve the quality and enhance fish products produced organically and respecting the principles of environmental sustainability. Sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the Puglia Region and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), the BiolFish 2011 was organized by the Municipality of Monopoly with the support of COISPA Technology and Research, and the partnership of, ICEA – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification -  Consortium Puglia Natura and BIOL.

The BiolFish 2011 has offered a rich program of events located between the old town – with the opening ad hoc, after two decades , of the eighteenth-century Palmieri Palace – and the harbor, which was attended by delegations from the Mediterranean countries, the FAO and the European Commission. “During the event – says the coordinator of BiolFish event Pino Lembo – were held meetings and workshops for the promotion and exchange of information on methods of production, on the quality and quantity, and social aspects of the market. Participants discussed on coastal communities relations, natural environment and fish production.

The Data – According to the latest statistics from FAO aquaculture production has continued to grow since the early ’50s and, most likely, in the next decade will reach production levels of fishing. A system that, in Italy, has about 800 farms and 15 thousand employees, with a per capita consumption of 25.5 kg per year. World Organic aquaculture today has a total production of about 33 thousand tons, of which almost 14 000 in Europe which will become ten times – is expected – within the next decade.